Clean Slate

There is something refreshing about the start of a new year.  For me, it’s like a fresh beginning, a clean slate if you will.  It’s that point in the year where we have a very visible marker between past and future and it can be a great time for a fresh start.  However, it is […]

Running In Place

Do you ever feel like you are going top speed yet getting nowhere; like maybe you are running in place?  This is where I am finding myself right now.  I feel exhausted from all of the effort I am putting towards my weight loss efforts and yet I am not seeing results on the scale.  […]

Off On A New Adventure

I am so excited as today is the start of a new adventure for me.  As I have said, I had no idea at the time I started my weight loss journey that it was going to become so very important to me.   I had no idea that my desire to help other people achieve […]

Confessions Of A Closet Eater

There are so many different facets to having a weight problem and unless you’ve been there, some of them may be difficult to understand.  One that was a tremendous struggle for me was closet eating. As I have said before, I self-medicated with food to deal with sadness and unhappiness.  That did not always mean […]

Shout if From the Rooftops

Let’s face it; telling other people about our weight loss plans is scary.  What if they laugh, what if they tell us we can’t do it, or worse yet, what if they hold us accountable?  I think the thought of being held accountable is the scariest of all of those possibilities.  However, I have learned […]